Marc Laniado specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of men with prostate problems and aims to return men to a normal life quickly with the least side effects.

Working together with patients for over 20 years, Marc Laniado delivers care personalised to the individual man using the most reliable diagnostic and therapeutic strategies

Enlarged Prostate

Treatments for a fast recovery and normal ejaculation:

• UroLift


• Aquablation

Prostate Cancer

Treatments to keep bladder control & erections:

• Retzius-sparing prostatectomy

• High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

• Brachytherapy


Diagnostic Tests for Prostate Problems

• Multiparametric MRI

• SelectMDx

• MRI-targeted transperineal prostate biopsies


Specialist Techniques

We offer techniques that maximise the improvement in urinary symptoms but allow normal ejaculation and preservation of bladder control


About Marc Laniado

Since 2002, Mr Laniado has been a consultant treating patients in in central London and Windsor. He specialises in rapid diagnostic techniques and minimally invasive treatments for prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. Having trained in the UK and the USA, he became a consultant at Frimley Health and the Royal Berkshire Hospital.  He is the Prostate Cancer lead at Wexham Park Hospital (Frimley Health).

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