UroLift is a procedure that improves urinary symptoms such that they no longer interfere with daily life and preserves normal erections and ejaculation.

How does a UroLift work?

The channel through the prostate is pulled open by little implants so that passing urine becomes easier. No heat, electricity or laser energy is used, so ejaculation and the nerves for erections are unaffected.

Under a general anaesthetic or sometimes sedation, a urologist passes a very narrow telescope to the prostate through the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis. The sides of the prostate are deflected away from the urinary channel and little implants are placed to keep the prostate open. Usually, no catheter is needed. After UroLift, men pass urine more normally


What are the benefits of UroLift?
  • Severe urinary symptoms become mild or mild-moderate and no longer interfere in daily life
  • Erections and ejaculation are the same after UroLift as they were before as no energy is used
  • The procedure is a day case and you do not need to stay overnight
  • There is almost no bleeding in most cases and little chance of infection
  • As a very narrow telescope is used, there is little chance of damage to the urethra
  • You can still have other procedures for the prostate after if you want
Who is suitable for UroLift?
  • Men who have bothersome urinary symptoms due to the prostate and do not want to risk ejaculating no semen on orgasm
  • Men who don’t want to take pills to improve their symptoms
  • Men whose prostates are between 30 and 80 cc in size
How long does it take to recover from a UroLift?

Men go home the same day and urinary symptoms rapidly improve over several days. Normal work can be resumed usually within a week or so.