Aquablation is a procedure that helps men whose lives are bothered by urinary symptoms return to live their life more normally. Aquablation is the name for high-speed water jet ablation of the prostate.

How does it work

A water jet is used to precisely remove the enlarged inner part of prostate that causes the urinary symptoms. The procedure is planned by the urologist and carried out with computerised assistance.

Under a general anaesthetic or sometimes a spinal anaesthetic, a urologist passes a very narrow telescope down the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine from the bladder though the penis An ultrasound probe is placed in the rectum, which is the back passage.

The urologist scans the prostate to decide which parts of the prostate are blocking the urinary flow and makes a map. Then, the urologist uses the high-speed water jet with computer assistance to remove the parts of the prostate blocking the flow. If a man wants to ejaculate semen on orgasm, the urologist can plan treatment to make it very likely that semen will be ejaculated.

A catheter is needed usually overnight.

There are no cuts or incisions, and whole operation is done through the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine from the bladder.


What are the benefits of Aquablation?
  • Urinary symptoms no longer interfere with daily life. Severe symptoms become mild and non-bothersome. As men pass urine more quickly, they spend less time in the toilet, empty their bladders more completely, and pass urine less often.
  • The benefit is much greater and longer-lasting than pills, water-vapour ablation of the prostate (Rezum) or UroLift. The speed of symptom relief is also much faster than occurs after Rezum or pills, although like UroLift.
  • Symptoms improve much faster after Aquablation than after Rezum, TURP or HOLEP because no electricity, heat or laser energy is used
  • Erections are usually unchanged and ejaculation is usually preserved, as the procedure uses no heat, electricity or laser energy.
  • Any shape of prostate can be treated up to about 150 cc, unlike UroLift or Rezum
  • Drugs for the prostate such as tamsulosin or alfuzosin no longer need to be taken
Who is suitable for a Aquablation?
  • Men who are bothered by urinary symptoms due to an enlarged prostate
  • Men who very much would like to keep normal erections and ejaculation if possible
  • Men who don’t want to take pills to improve their symptoms
  • Men whose bladders don’t empty completely or have urinary symptoms because the bladder muscle contracts too weakly
  • Men who have a catheter in place because of inability to pass urine at all
  • Men who are unsuitable for UroLift and Rezum
How long does it take to recover from Aquablation?

Most men stay overnight. The catheter is removed either the next day or two days later. You should take a couple of weeks off after a Aquablation. Most of the improvement occurs in the first few weeks, but improvement continues to occur over several months